film fund 2022


FVG Film Commission – Film fund


The FVG FILM FUND provides grants of up to 280.000 euros to audiovisual productions filming in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Who is entitled to apply?

Grants are given to film and audio-visual production companies working on feature films, animation films, TV fiction, TV series, web series, web fiction, documentaries, music videos.

How to apply?

Send the application form through PEC (certified mail), to all entities incorporated in Italy at the following address

or, for all other subjects, any other equivalent to ensure the certainty of the date.

What are the deadlines?

Applications must be filed at least one day prior to the beginning of filming, with deadlines on February 28th, June 30th or September 30th. A technical committee will be selecting eligible projects every year by March 30th, July 31st and October 31st.

How much will grants amount to?

The amount depends on the kind of project and the number of days of filming in FVG. The total grant will never amount to more than 50% of the whole film budget.


more than 72 days of filming in FVG
up to 280.000 euros
150% expenditures in FVG

between 24 and 71 days of filming in FVG
up to 200.000 euros
150% expenditures in FVG

 up to24 days of filming in FVG
up to 70.000 euros
150% expenditures in FVG


more than 10 days of filming in FVG
up to 30.000 euros
100% expenditures in fvg

up to 10 days of filming in FVG
up to 10.000 euros
100% expenditures in FVG

What are the liabilities?

The corresponding percentage must be spent in the region.

What expenses can be claimed?

Living expenses including accommodation and food, rental of technical equipment, set design material, locations, offices or sets, catering, post-production, executive production and local temporary staff hire, etc…

When will the grants be allocated?

50% following approval of the expenses budget, 50% after theatre openings or airing of the project.

Are any other grants available in Friuli Venezia Giulia?

Yes: the Regional Fund for Audio-visual projects, designed to support local companies and professionals, but also looking out for projects by companies based outside FVG. Financed areas are Training, Development and Distribution (including production). Regulations are downloadable from